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* LPS School launches ERP system by which parents can check their ward's daily homework ,attendance and even they can communicates with teachers and many more..

Our Mission & Vision
We Not Only Teach Students, In Fact We Train them for future.

To make our students well-rounded and self-dependent individuals, by inculcating in them a passion for lifelong learning compassion and respect for others and a set of requisite skills and qualities so that they can make a positive contribution to society.

“Education is the real treasure”.
The school believes that our treasure lies in the bee hive of our knowledge.

“No Child is a loser, No child is champion but if you ought to be unique and stand out of the crowd”, Belief is power. So, believe strongly, mightly and act cheerfully.

Dr. R.P.Malik
Founder Chairman
 Lovely Group
Dr. (Mrs.) S.D.Malik
Director Principal
  Lovely Group

Change is inevitable, welcome it. To make children cope with changing global trends, support students’ educational journey by fostering their development of “Growing Mindset”, rather than believing that talent or intelligence is fixed.

Education, today, is not just confined to books and class rooms, one must excel in co-curricular and diverse activities. A holistic approach has become need of the hour to blossom these buds (students) into a beautiful flower.

Dr. Inder Malik
The Managing
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