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* LPS School launches ERP system by which parents can check their ward's daily homework ,attendance and even they can communicates with teachers and many more..

Curricular Programme

Several skills and qualities that are instrumental to a child’s holistic development are learnt outside the classroom. Lovely public International School has a mandatory co-curricular programme that fully supports a child’s learning process. The programme has five modules, each of which comprise of several activities for different age groups. All students at LPIS pursue different activities under each of the modules, based on their interests.


Teaching Methodology :

     To provide stimuli to the intellect of the child to earn and develop a love for learning, most modern methods of teaching are used. Use of Audio-Visual teaching aids like tape recorder, DVD, Projector, Smart classes, Computers etc. are emphasized to a large extent to make teaching learning process interesting and effective.

Library :

  • Books elevate us, purgate us of our faults, instill in us noble and high thoughts & urge us to achieve something nobler, better and sublime.
  • LPIS has a well stocked library which helps the students to widen horizon of outlook, learning and wisdom.

Laboratories :

     Knowledge is power. It is the only instrument of production and success which is not subject to diminishing returns and to stand by such a statement the students at GIS are given full chance to gain practical experience through the well equipped laboratories such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science where the students experience the joy of discovery putting into practice the theoretical learning of the classroom.

Games & Sports :

     Games and Sports are the most effective and time tested ways to ensure healthy growth of body and mind. Not only this they also include discipline, team work, patience, sense of justice, endurance, co-operation. Therefore we at LPIS provide the facility for all major and minor games with playground, courts for Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Special Emphasis is laid upon Yoga and Meditation.

Extra Coaching System :

     The school has continuous Comprehensive Evaluation System, which helps in identifying the under achievers and slow learners very easily as far as academic is concerned. These children are guided vigorously free of cost by the subject teachers concerned, before and after school hours.

Teaching Staff :

     Highly qualified & experienced teaching staff from all over India , dedicated to their profession and ready to bear any onus in the interest of the children. Language & subject workshops/ seminars/ tutorials are conducted every now and then to hone the skills of teachers. Individual attention is ensured maintaining teacher pupil ratio.
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